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    We are a digital marketing company
    based in Dubai and involved in providing
    Digital marketing solutions to our clients across the UAE.

Our Valued Services

What we Offer

Content Distribution

We gather highly esthetical cinematic gems and grow our inventory of Iranian, Indian, Tajiki, and Afghani series, movies, and shows regularly. We offer our copyright-registered content through distribution channels for those Farsi-speaking communities living abroad.


We have effective promoting and advertising solutions for your needs: engaging with your costumers more effectively, increasing your brand awareness, or finding more relevant audiences. We reach your target audience through 150 digital properties we own across the web and there is a good chance of finding them among over 35 million monthly active users we have.


There is a big difference between what we see these days as early-stage investments, and what we do as active investment. We either do not engage or else we fully invest our resources. With the help of our software development team, our advertising resources, and 15 years of experience, we actively engage in an idea when we invest on it.


A Technology company harnessing opportunities for international cooperation.

fully responsive

About Us

We started in 2004 by developing locally based online services. As time passed, we grew from a team of three to a team of 200 people with over 35 million monthly active users across our platforms. Now, we search relentlessly for better solutions, services, and experiences for our current and to-be users by investing and developing new platforms. Our latest endeavour towards our mission has led us to develop a streaming platform, Televika, for Farsi-language communities around the world.


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Our Purpose

Our Core Values

Optimism & Ambition
Honesty & Fairness
Hard work & Team spirit
Doing the right thing

Our Core Objectives

Providing effective, popular and high-quality services
Building a smart and agile company which has a friendly
working environment
Creating maximum added value
Having an active presence in the regional markets


Why EreeLink



Ability to react the market needs by introducing creative features.


Dynamic Team

A freaindly and creative team who lives and loves their jobs.

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Google AdWords Campaign Supervision

(AED23.99) €5.99 /Per month

Instagram Campaign Supervision

(AED54.99) €13.99 /Per 2month

Facebook Campaign Supervision

(AED97.99) €24.99 /Per 3month

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Postal Adress:Ereele FZ LLC Dubai Media City Dubai, UAE

Email: contact@EreeLink.com

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